Your teachers

Nicole Repetto

I was born and raised in Genova. In 2007 I earned my Bachelor degree in Arts, Literature and Business Entertainment at The University of Genova. While at University, I also started my performer experience in a Musical Theater company as singer, actress and dancer. I performed on stage for over seven years with hundreds of live events and many theater contests. I became Assistant Director for musical theater productions and workshops. In 2011, I worked for a training company in Genova teaching Italian for foreigners, communication and public speaking.

In 2012 I moved to Las Vegas and I started to work as private tutor teaching Italian language and culture with students of all ages and skill levels. In January 2017 I started to teach Italian at CSN- College of Southern Nevada. I love being able to share with my students the passion and the love I have for my country, its culture and history. I love cooking and I’m doing my best raising my little boy Massimo with 100% Italian cuisine at home. The two mottos I love and live by are “Non mollare mai” (never give up) and “Non si finisce mai di imparare (you never stop learning).

Valeria Sabatini

Valeria Sabatini was born in Cosenza, south Italy and raised in Terni, northwest Rome, where she graduated as elementary teacher in 1991. She started working as substitute teacher for preschools while pursuing her second passion: journalism. She combined both loves by starting to teach techniques on writing in a high school in Terni as well as teaching to young students. In 2003 she moved to Reggio Emilia where she taught in a preschool.

She moved to Usa in 2012 after marrying a Us Airforce officer.  They have a young boy. Active member of Casa Italiana di Las Vegas since its inception Valeria Sabatini held various classes for preschoolers and elementary students on events on Italian culture, story drama and songs aimed to teach in a fun environment some aspects of Italian life to the younger ones.