Italian class for adults


Mangiamo in Italiano, Let’s Eat in Italian, is a unique Italian course that pairs the gastronomic culture with the language. Students will acquire grammar, syntax and pronunciation starting with real and practical situations, and through conversation, written and reading assignments. Students enrolling in levels above Beginner I need to complete a placement test (check side bar)

BEGINNER I – designed for students who need basic Italian grammar. The course focuses on Italian phonetics, common phrases, verb conjugations (present tense), and grammar. The course provides students with a foundation and basic tools to interact effectively in everyday Italian. Students can expect to master simple sentences and to hold beginner level conversations.

BEGINNER II – requires advanced beginning conversation and writing skills. Beginner II is designed for those who want to go beyond a basic knowledge and understanding of Italian grammar. Students master the past tenses and study grammar through in-class oral and written exercises and by listening to dialogues in Italian that is spoken today.

INTERMEDIATE I – this level focuses on the future tenses, new vocabulary, and adverbs. Students engage in extended conversations and continue to write descriptively including letter writing about themselves and others. Intermediate I reinforces the basic rules of grammar and introduces new tenses and how to use them.

INTERMEDIATE II – students master the present, past, and future tenses as well as direct/indirect speech enabling them to fine-tune their conversation skills. The use of the comparative and superlative, idiomatic expressions, and higher-level vocabulary trigger language flexibility in students so they may begin to express more complex thoughts and ideas in Italian and increase overall language comprehension.

ADVANCED I – this level enables students to converse with native Italian speakers, to tell stories, or effectively summarize an article. Students study advanced grammar, slang, pronunciation and phonetics, and writing. The class is dedicated to listening and speaking exercises with a focus on increasing the fluidity of conversation.

ADVANCED II – students continue to conjugate complex verbs and study grammar. In addition, there are oral and written homework assignments. Students can express ideas, read a variety of texts, and interact with ease in Italian with classmates and the teacher. A lot of time in class is devoted to increasing com-
prehension and listening skills as well as vocabulary.

8 – 1 1⁄2 hour classes Special price $165 if enrolled by December 31st
$180 from January 1st (you must be a member to enroll)

SPRING I start January 30th to March 23rd
SPRING II start April 3rd to May 21st

Level Hour



This course is designed for students who have little to no previous knowledge of Italian. We will cover Italian pronunciation, sentence structure, numbers and the fundamentals of vocabulary necessary to develop basic communicative skills in the present and simple past tense. Students will also learn idiomatic and Italian culture and traditions.

Price: 8 classes $165 no textbook required (you must be a member to enroll)

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The CILV reserves the right to cancel or rearrange classes for any compelling reason. If CILV cancels a course, students can transfer to a different course or receive a full refund. Approvals for transfers will be based on course and space availability. If the student requests a change of class after the second lesson, a $15 processing fee for change of registration will be applied. Lessons missed are not prorated or refunded and no makeup lesson is offered for classes missed by the student. The CILV will not refund any cancellation by student’s request. Exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis.